Happy Valentine's Day

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The most important financial decision you will ever make in your life is the decision of who you are going to marry.

It's easy to find love advice counseling blindly following your heart, and vilifying allowing crass sensible considerations like compatibility to come into play. This is great advice if you're into emotional extremes and have no plans to have a long-term relationship in which every part of your lives, including your home and finances, are entwined.

If you do want the latter, then you'd better pay attention to a lot of things. One of them is attitudes toward money (and, this being a frugality blog, that's the one I'll be talking about.)

On any list of what couples argue about, money is invariably at or near the top. If one person thinks credit cards are for emergencies, and the other thinks they're for maxing out, it's not likely to end well.

So, Happy Valentine's Day. And please keep in mind that cynically marrying for money is not the only alternative to pretending you shouldn't think about financial compatibility.

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