Roasting your own coffee

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In these times of recessionista chic, our home coffee-roasting habit looks less like a middle class foodie-ism and more like good financial sense. It's actually both.

We both enjoy a cup of well-brewed coffee. The classic stuff, not something-ccino with three ounces of whipped "creme" on top. After smelling the delicious aroma of roasted coffee beans from a java junkie's house, and tasting the resulting superior brew, we knew that we were ready to roast our own coffee beans.

We used to pay about $13/lb of roasted coffee. Now, buying green beans (unroasted coffee is literally green), we're spending $6/lb, and drinking the best coffee of our lives. As a bonus, the green beans have a much longer shelf life than roasted coffee, which needs to be consumed within a week of roasting, while the unroasted beans last over a year.

And this way, we're able to afford our favorite, tres cher Kona coffee, much more often.

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