The high price of novelty

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The hot new $60 computer game? It'll be available used on Ebay for $10 in a few years. The new movie you and a date could see for $25 this weekend? $4 DVD rental in about a year. Today's bestselling book? In a year, it'll be remaindered, available used, and won't have a waiting list at the library any more.

In each case, it's the same game, the same movie, the same book (though, obviously, the experience of going to a movie theatre isn't the same as watching a DVD at home.)

How much of a premium are you willing to pay for having, seeing, reading the latest thing? Would it really diminish your quality of life to wait a little while for them? (If you find they don't have as much appeal without the glamor of newness, well, then you've saved yourself some time, as well.)

I don't mean these as rhetorical questions. If paying the novelty surcharge is worth it to you in a given case, great. But do realize it has a cost.

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