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To close out what has become Trash Week, I'll revisit the merits of buying in bulk. In that previous entry, Jen emphasized the direct savings of bulk ingredients being cheaper. It's also worth emphasizing that bulk purchasing generates less waste.

Bulk food in just a plain plastic bag almost invariably means less packaging than it would have otherwise (like the plastic bag then being enclosed in a box.) You can save and re-use these plastic bags. Many stores selling bulk ingredients have a means for you to measure and mark the tare weight of a container so you can put your food directly into it (and not get charged for the container's weight), so you don't have to use a bag at all.

Plastic bags are one of the biggest ingredients of islands of garbage floating in the oceans. There are cities banning plastic grocery bags, and an increasing trend toward stores charging for them. Canvas or other re-usable bags help you reduce waste, and save money.

This won't be the last time we bring up a recommendation of the same thing from a different aspect. That's because it's all connected.

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