Free Admission at museums

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Hey all you unemployed people! Take advantage of the free admission days at your local museum. In the San Francisco Bay area, almost all the museums have free admission days once a month.

The free days are usually a Tuesday or Wednesday, typically low-attendance days, which makes it great for someone unencumbered by a job. The SF MOMA, the De Young, the Legion of Honor, the Berkeley Art Museum, Oakland Art Museum, Cartoon Art Museum, Asian Art Museum all feature no-admission days, so what are you still sitting in front of a computer for?

Of course, if you live in the Washington, DC area, all the Smithsonian museums are free all the time. Since I grew up in DC, it was a shock to go to other cities and (gasp!) pay for museum admissions (for frankly, inferior museums at times).

In my art history class in college, the prof instructed us to truly pay what we could afford as starving students when we visited the Met in NYC. "Believe me, the Met doesn't need your money, they get plenty of it through their foundation."

So don't feel you have to deprive yourself of museums, because you don't always have to have cash in your pocket to partake.

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