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It's that time of year, and I'm busy compiling the paperwork for our annual appointment with the tax attorney to pay our taxes.

Back in our swingle days (aka swinging single), we could get by with filing a 1040EZ which took about fifteen minutes to do. After marriage and a house purchase, our tax return requires many more forms & schedules that simply bore me to tears.

That's where the tax attorney comes in. For a flat fee, he does all our taxes AND represents us in any situation that involves the IRS (i.e., an audit), because he's the one who takes all responsibility for the filings. He specializes only on the tax code and doesn't practice any other type of law. I like that, because it means I don't have to keep up on changes in the tax code.

The tax attorney is the protective emollient barrier between us and the biting winds of the IRS, keeping us baby-soft. For us, it's a worthwhile price for peace of mind.

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How did you find your tax attorney, and what are the fees generally like? I'm trying to convince someone I know that she needs to talk to one, and I think specific information could further my argument.

I'm enjoying reading this blog by the way. Keep it up!

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