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This may surprise you, but shopping is one of my personal hobbies. When I'm bored, there's nothing I like to do more than to browse at my local mall. There's always something new to buy! If I don't go shopping at least once a week, how will I know that I have the latest looks?

I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, especially if they involve overhauling my wardrobe completely to ensure my place with the fashion vanguard. And if that means I have to spend a little more (because I can't take advantage of later-in-the-season sale prices), then that's a worthwhile investment so I can be the Miss-Thing-of-the-Moment.

I also refuse to wear the same outfit twice, EVER. It's just not part of my personal style. Sometimes it makes me sad when I buy a really cute ensemble, that I will never wear it again, but that's my rule, and I live up to it! So I have to have a giant closet for all my clothes and shoes. It just makes me feel good inside, looking at all my stuff.

Happy April Fool's.

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