Carry your own water

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Most convenient bottled drinks are heavily sweetened and not especially good for you. A typical, non-diet 16 oz. bottle of Snapple has about 50g of sugar. That, alone, makes for more than 10% of the calories most people need in a day.

Water is one of the best things you can drink, but bottled water is often nearly as expensive as any other drink (as well as having a substantially greater environmental footprint than tap water.)

Jen and I often carry Camelbak Water Bottles. They're bisphenol-free, easy to drink from (just flip the mouthpiece up), and mostly spill-proof. We fill them from the tap at home (or at water fountains when we're out.)

This has not only saved us money, but prevented waste (in terms of plastic cups we'd have otherwise used at water coolers.)

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