Restaurant Supply Store

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Forget Bed Bath & Beyond, even with the 20% off coupon. The place to go for kitchen supplies is a restaurant supply store. If you live in city that has a BBB, then there's a restaurant supply store near you.

These places sell to restaurants, and don't fool around. Admittedly, some of the wares are not appropriate for the home cook, like 30 gallon stew pots. The prices are low, somewhat akin to wholesale, and exactly what the professionals use.

Just about everything they sell is heavy duty, because it's restaurant-grade and built to last. Though, I was disappointed to discover that I could only buy the Irish coffee glasses by the case (48 glasses) instead of a quartet that I wanted.

Not to mention, it's just fun to browse and know that if I ever want to open my cafe, I know where to go to get a refrigerated bakery case or Hobart mixer.

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