Do It Yourself, within reason

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This New York Times article sums up an important point I neglected to mention in my DIY post:

Know your limits.

With everyone economizing these days, DIY fever has swept the nation. However, there are some things that should be left to the professionals, especially projects that could snowball dangerously (and expensively) if not done properly.

I think it's great to "push the envelope" and "get out of your comfort zone," but if you haven't picked up a hammer since high school wood shop class, maybe it's a tad ambitious to hang up moulding (result: punctured water pipe).

It's happening in every service profession: hairstylists, mechanics, plumbers.
A mechanic related the story of a customer who tried to make his own part for a needed DIY repair. That's someone with get-up-and-go.

Back in October we had to bite the bullet to get a professional to hang our new front door. It was pricey, but the cost of having a gaping hole where the front door should have been, well....we wrote the big check.

That's why I love adult education classes, where for a fee you learn the skills that you want to acquire, instead of teaching yourself along the way (which may never happen). So spend a little money when you need to, instead of spending a whole lot of money later on.

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