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One may have considered it odd that a frugality blog would dedicate an entry to swine flu. In this entry, I'll explain why it makes sense.

Frugal living is healthy living. And vice versa.

Empty expenses that don't truly contribute value to our lives clutter our budgets. Empty possessions clutter our homes. And avoidable illness clutters our health.

The elephant in the living room of discussing health is that we know well that improper diet, sedentary living, and bad habits are risk factors for disease, but, far too often, talking about changing them stays off the table until someone's already sick.

Eating well and exercising can make you feel better, and live longer. Like frugal spending, by its nature, they don't offer a quick, obvious payoff. One day of healthy behavior isn't likely to have an outcome much different than one day of moderately unhealthy behavior, any more than one day of brown-bagging your lunch will make a conspicuous difference to your bank account. But after a year, you'll see the dividends.

Details as to how to eat and live healthfully are a little beyond the scope of this entry. We recommend Dr. Weil's Eating Well for Optimum Health and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health as guides

A stitch in time saves lives.

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