Do you need it?

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Do you need it?

Why? What problem are you really trying to solve? What value will it contribute to your life? How does the expense correspend with your values and goals, and how you want to invest your precious, limited time and energy?

Do you need to own it? Can you borrow it? Can you rent it?

Do you have somewhere to put it? Will it add clutter to your home, and make it harder to effectively use the things you already have?

Do you need it new? Can you buy it used? Is it something that routinely turns up at yard sales?

Can you re-use or re-purpose something you already have (or something that's available for free)? Can creativity, instead of consumption, get you what you want?

Is it for a new project? Did you finish the last project? Do you still have all of the stuff from the last project?

Are you making the most of what you've already got?

Do you need it?

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