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An easily stated précis for becoming wealthier is: spend less, make more. We've talked a lot about spending less, but not much about making more. Obviously, one of the important ways to make more is to make your money work for you through sound investment.

And so, let me give you our investment advice: don't listen to us. It's an extraordinarily complicated field, and we claim no expertise. Our strategy in allocating our retirement accounts' investments has been conservative, but some of what seemed to be the squarest of investmests have plummeted in recent years. Most of ours have gone down; some have, miraculously, gone up, but I attribute that to luck, not to shrewd choices. We kept talking about how we needed to come up with an investment plan, and now are just grateful that our lack of investment prevented a lot of money from disappearing.

My intent for the years to come is to follow Nassim Taleb's advice: put most of the money into the safest investments possible, and reserve a small percentage for high-risk investments.

In the years to come, there's no doubt that a lot of people will make a lot more money with a riskier strategy. But odds are good that a lot more people than that will lose a lot more money than we will.

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