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In Berkeley, the cheapest digital offering of the only cable company available is $60/month. The cheapest satellite offering looks to be $51/month -- their website is so bad, it was hard to tell. That's $720/year or $612/year, respectively. Like I keep emphasizing, because of taxes, a penny saved is more than a penny earned. At a 30% tax rate, saving $720 is equivalent to almost a $1000 annual raise.

Do you watch enough for it to be worth $2/day, every day? If you live somewhere where you could get broadcast TV, do you still watch enough if you don't count what you could get for free? In these worrisome times, are you wondering how you could cut back?

There are a lot of great shows on cable, but they'll still be the same show when the used DVDs are selling on Ebay, or when the DVDs are available at the library, or on Netflix.

Do you have dreams that get deferred because you don't have the time for it? Because watching less TV can save even more time than money.

Like always, my purpose is to raise the questions, not give the answers. If your finances and your life are in a place where you think what you get out of cable tv is worth the time you put into it and a $1000 raise, that's great.

If we were independently wealthy, I'd probably want cable. But if I want us to get from here to financial independence, I think we're much better off without it.

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