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I have the greatest respect for Consumer Reports magazine, and their foundation. Growing up, whenever my family needed to buy a new car, we'd get the latest issue on automobiles so we'd know what was what. CR explained industry jargon, emphasized the importance of certain features, and had a handy chart to sum up the information at a glance.

Or mattresses. Or refrigerators. Or washer-dryers. Or cameras. The list goes on and on, because Consumer Reports was the non-tainted (they accept no advertising in the magazine, in order to maintain objectivity) expert on just about anything you'd want to buy and had multiple manufacturers competing for your dollars.

These days you can get an online membership which allows you to browse their copious archives at which I can get lost in for hours at a time.

So when you are in the research process before forking over your hard-earned money, don't forget about Consumer Reports. And if you are feeling generous, they'd happily accept your donations to their foundation (tax-deductible, natch) so they can buy more of those appliances and cars (that they buy off-the-shelf/rack/parking lot just like you do) to rate for you in the future.

Happy Friday!

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