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So a few months back we bought an electric toothbrush from Amazon. Then the onslaught of emails began, now that Amazon knew I owned an electric Oral B.

The most ingenious was a sale available for a limited time only on Oral B-branded toothbrush replacement heads. It sounded like a good deal....I purchase at least $150 worth of Oral B products, and I get a credit of $40 for anything on Amazon.

But the fine print stipulated that I had to purchase the Oral B-associated products from the Amazon store only, not any of their third-party suppliers. I had a hunch, and quickly confirmed it after browsing the wares at the Amazon-only section. Amazon had artificially kept the prices elevated on the Oral B products.

The $40 credit that I would receive from Amazon was a sham, because if I had simply purchased the exact same product from many of the third-party suppliers, I would have saved at least $50!

I have to admit that I was impressed at Amazon's gall and subterfuge. I must give the MBA's who work there their due.

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