Golden Rules for Making Money

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The basics of frugality haven't changed in 130 years (or 280 years.) Here's P.T. Barnum's Art of Money Getting or Golden Rules for Making Money, from 1880:


Young men starting in life should avoid running into debt. There is scarcely anything that drags a person down like debt. It is a slavish position to get in, yet we find many a young man, hardly out of his "teens," running in debt. He meets a chum and says, "Look at this: I have got trusted for a new suit of clothes." He seems to look upon the clothes as so much given to him; well, it frequently is so, but, if he succeeds in paying and then gets trusted again, he is adopting a habit which will keep him in poverty through life.

Most of the remainder is more business advice than frugality, per se, but all of it is striking for how contemporary it feels.

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