$10 Dinner for Four!

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I've been hearing and reading about the vaunted $10 Dinner for Four! the last few months, and I just don't get it. Apparently it's extremely difficult to stalk this mysterious beast, so various media outlets are rushing to provide protocols to conquer this prey. There's a new show on the Food Network about this, as well as various recipes aimed at recessionista home cooks.

I suppose it has a nice ring to it, but if you take a second and do a calculation, a family of four will be spending upwards of $300 a month on dinners alone. And that implies everyone drinks tap water as a beverage. That sounds high to me.

A home-baked baguette costs roughly 34 cents each, or alternatively a 20-lb bag of rice can be had for $13, which will last a long time. Even a 4-pack of chichi sausages cost $6, and the cost of fresh greens to round out this hypothetical dinner would only cap it at $7, tops.

It seems the $2.50 meal per person is only a deal compared to eating out, which admittedly is hardly a comparison at all, when a typical entree at a family restaurant is around $8.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking anyone who wants to try save money by cooking their own meals. I just think the advertisers that the media is beholden to have created this $10 fantasy simply so they can push more sodium-packed, artificial-flavored and -colored pap.

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