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My employer has implemented furloughs. I'll be working 18 fewer days in the next 12 months1, with roughly commensurate salary loss.

We're definitely going to feel this. But we'll get through, because we weren't living near the edge. We had a margin. We'll postpone some things, and save less, but it's not going to change our quality of life.

There are a lot of people who don't have a choice about living at the edge (and I don't doubt that inane frugality articles recommending "don't spend so darn much!" taste like ashes for them.) But there are also a bunch of people who choose the financial edge, who could have chosen to leave a buffer. Or who are getting closer to the edge than they need to be by spending on things that aren't really adding value to their lives.

Things change. Emergencies happen. Losses of income happen. When you can, leave a buffer. Savings will get you through times of no surprise expenses better than surprise expenses will get you through times of no savings.

1 My inverse velocity over the next 12 months will be 1.29 in fortnights/furlough.

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