Labor Day Smoothies with little labor

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The key component of a refreshing smoothie is temperature, though texture runs a close second. The usual ingredient that supplies the former is ice, while bananas usually do the latter. What I do is throw out the ice entirely, and use a frozen banana instead, which amps up the flavor and smooth texture and dispenses with the grittiness of ice crystals

Also, it's a frugal way to rescue a banana that's become too soft to eat atop oatmeal, and you don't want to make banana bread again. Just peel the banana, wrap in wax paper, and place in a plastic bag in your freezer. I've used bananas that were in the deep freeze for more than six months without any loss of flavor.

1 frozen banana
any other fruit of your choice: berries, pineapple, mango...
any milk of your choice: soy milk, whole, 2%...

  1. Combine in a blender, whip it up to the highest speed you blender has (for extra air)
  2. Enjoy!

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