Your Money or Your Life, Part II

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This is a penny that took a long time in dropping -- my very first post here, in January, was Your Money or Your Life, Part I. Refresh your memory if you need to.

As I said there, the heart of the book's advice is so simple to relate, I did so fairly in that very short entry. What I didn't talk about was the endgame it discussed.

By saving as much as you can, and investing it in guaranteed income funds, while minimizing your expenses, you'll approach having expenses lower than your guaranteed income interest. When the day arrives that your guaranteed income interest exceeds your expenses by enough to leave a satisfactory safety margin, you're done. You can retire.

One of the book's co-authors did so at age 31. That's the quietly radical message of the book -- that it's possible be done with the rat race at a young age with frugality and investment in boring guaranteed income interest funds as your main tools. You don't need to win the lottery or have similarly unlikely success in your career.

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