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No, today's post is not a re-cap of this one.

This is about an entirely different, newer line of Pyrex: serving/storage containers with air-tight lids. They look like this.

They are made from clear-glass Pyrex, which is different from the opaque mixing bowls I waxed on about so effusively in the Vintage Pyrex post from July. But they are wonderful in their own way.

What I love about them is their perfect combination of form and function, of attractive serving dish, storage container, reheating dish, and even mixing bowl. And because of their multitasking ways, they save me from needlessly washing dishes.

Anything I cook: stir fry, sauteed greens, or steamed rice is served directly into a Pyrex serving/storage dish. Inevitably there are leftovers (I usually cook for three or four servings at a time, natch), so I pop on its lid and into the fridge it goes. The next day it goes to work as a brown-bagged lunch to be safely heated in the microwave (as opposed to BPA-containing plastics or any plastics that don't play nicely with microwaves). Voila.

And finally, when it's time to wash them, because it is thick-walled Pyrex, you can use the lower rack of the dishwasher. You heard me right, the lower rack.

Is there anything these containers cannot do, you might ask? Yes there is. They cannot be used on the stovetop nor in the oven. Ever.

They are an indispensible part of my frugalista process for preparing, storing, and brown-bagging food. No, Pyrex did not provide me with free samples in order for me to write this post.

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