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You can often get good deals on electronics by buying refurbished. These are products that were returned to the manufacturer (for whatever reason -- they may not have any defects and may have never been used ) and the manufacturer has certified as working. There will generally be a warranty, albeit often not as long a one as with a new product.

For instance, we finally did get a GPS. It was a recent, but not brand new, model, looked new, and has worked fine.

For years, I had scoffed at Ask Metafilter's recommendations of Logitech Harmony remote controls, which approach $100. Who'd pay that for a remote? I thought. Not me. But when I found a refurbished several-models-out-of-date one for sale, I tried it, and understood why people like them. I'm still not someone who'd pay $100 for a remote, but I didn't have to be.

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