Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking

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There's a national chain store called Tuesday Morning and I can't stand it. Its name is a reminder that the first Tuesday of each month, new and exciting stock but limited amounts of it is unveiled to the public, at unbelieveable low prices.

They even go so far as to display the new items in the front windows of the store a few days before said morning, covered with white bed sheets, before the big reveal on the annointed Tuesday. It's very dramatic. And if you're lucky enough to be on their mailing list, you'll receive a catalog so you'll know what all the featured items are beforehand.

It's a fascinating use of the scarcity principle of selling, whereby a retailer artificially or simply creates the impression that there is a limited amount of time and/or stock to buy an item. To the purchaser, they suddenly feel they must buy now without dawdling, otherwise the fantastic price or item cannot be had.

Let me tell you that their prices aren't that good due to shoddy product quality (but it looks so pretty in the catalog!) and that each store may not even have the coveted item you want. I know this because my sister has been foiled one too many times over the years.

I do have to hand it to them for creating good retail buzz: years ago, I was walking down the street and saw a line of middle-aged, middle-class-looking women halfway down the block patiently waiting for that month's Tuesday morning bounty. The middle-aged, middle-class-looking woman walking in front of me asked the women in line what the excitement was about, and promptly queued up when she heard it was "A fantastic sale!"

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